The Failed State of Cuba

The Economist, that staid Brit magazine of all things business (and all things are according to them), has a very revealing and generally balanced article regarding the current and future state of Cuba in the March 24th-30th issue: Revolution in Retreat.   A failed government, a failed economy, a failed monetary policy, a failed agricultural policy, a failed educational policy and a failed health care policy (that’s right Michael Moore) are the visble, festering signs of a failed Revolution, a revolution in name only, merely substituting one system of control and abuse for another, last-name dictators interchangeable.  Decades of Soviet subsidies kept Cuba functioning, even modestly well in some areas, for a few generations.   Now, Chavez is the benefactor but he is too little, too late and, soon, too gone to support the island.  Ironically, the failed American trade policy, created and maintained to buy votes in Florida, has probably been as helpful to Cuba as Chavez.  Grab a mojito and read the article.