Sorry Kids, You Don’t Matter

Today, fifty soul-less Republican lawmakers, with the historical assistance of an equally heartless Vice President Pence, taught the students of America a brutal lesson in democracy.

Today Betsy DeVos and her family’s Republican campaign contributions bought the highest education office in America, Secretary of Education.  No matter that she is woefully unqualified for the job ahead, knows nothing professionally or personally about the American public school system (save for the need of guns to protect against bears), advocates using taxpayer funds to move students into private, for-profit schools and stumbled like an overwhelmed student who had not done her homework during her confirmation hearings.

None of that mattered.  The children did not matter. What did matter were her contributions of $115,000 to individual Republicans, her family contributions of $950,000 to individual Republicans and DeVos family contributions of $8,300,000 to Republican SuperPacs during the past couple of election cycles.

Only two Republicans showed decency and the ability to do what is simplistically right by the children.  Senators Lisa Murkowski (AK) and Susan Collins (ME) voted against the confirmation of Mrs. DeVos.  Two.  Two women.

And what is the lesson for the children of America, their real-world lesson in democracy?  If there is enough money kids, you don’t matter.  Not in this Congress, not in this administration, not with this “so-called” president.


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