The SEAL-Naval Special Warfare Family Foundation (SEAL-NSWFF) isn’t one of those charities familiar to most Americans.  They don’t have cute commercials on late night TV nor do they have folks annoyingly asking for contributions outside your favorite chain grocery store and you will never have them ring your doorbell.  But this is an organization that deserves some sliver of your over-worked attention capacity if not a few bucks of your hard earned money.

Frankly, until we were contacted by Merrill Marketing Communications ( in San Diego, we had no idea such an organization existed.  But we’ve been given the honor to attend the latest SEAL-NSWFF event this May 3 in Santa Monica and it looks like a spectacular event, certainly sure to be the most engaging, dramatic and interesting fundraising event we’ve ever attended or are likely to attend.

Before we get on a (positive) rant about this event, be aware that they do wonderful, honorable and important work for the Naval Special Warfare (NSW) families.  They raise awareness and funds for multiple activities and services on a local, national and global scale.  Check them out at

On May 3, at the Jonathan Beach Club, the wine will be excellent, the food approaching sublime, the music from the top of the charts and the Hollywood ‘Be-Seens’ shiny and bright.  But, the real stars are the men and women who have made great sacrifices for this country, for you, for us.  We have a Medal of Honor winner keynote speaker, we have state of the art Tactical Gear, Lasers, Drones, K9 War Dogs to say nothing of ex-Seals parachuting onto the beach and bringing along some seriously cool special effects with them.  And we are told there will be more but it is apparently top secret at this time.

Assuming we survive the event and don’t try to enlist, we will report back and post photos too.

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